Monday, October 19, 2015

Hellevator Clip


This Wednesday, October 21 at 8pm/7pm central The Game Show Network will premiere the most terrifying game show ever produced by Blumhouse Productions: HELLEVATOR, hosted by The Soska Sisters of AMERICAN MARY fame!

The premise of this gnarly show is simple: Contestants are abandoned in the titular HELLEVATOR, where a spine-tingling challenge awaits them on each subsequent floor. If a chosen contestent does not complete the challenge in time, the others descend without them. Cold? Perhaps. But there's no empathy on the HELLEVATOR, for only those with the strongest constitutions may yet survive.

On top of that, the puppeteers pulling the HELLEVATOR's strings are none other than the Twisted Twins themselves: Jen and Sylvia Soska, providing the show with both a sexy edge and legit horror pedigree.

Still not sold yet though? Do not worry, for we at BLOOD SPLATTERED CINEMA were lucky enough to score a short clip demonstrating HELLEVATOR's terrifying descent below:

Exclusive look at HELLEVATOR
Exclusive look inside GSN's terrifying new show HELLEVATOR. Premiering Weds at 8/7c. LIKE if you've been waiting for a horror-themed gameshow.
Posted by Crypt TV on Monday, October 19, 2015

Looks pretty damn rad to me! Unique horror content the likes of which we rarely see. But we want to know what YOU think!

So tweet them over @HellevatorShow using the #Hellevator or #TakeTheStairs so whether you're down with their HELLEVATOR game or not. Who knows? If enough do, maybe we'll see more like it in the future. I certainly hope so.

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