Friday, November 20, 2015

CryptTV releases KRAMPUS inspired 1-Minute-Short!


BLOOD SPLATTERED CINEMA has received a bad ass 1-Minute-Short, courtesy of the #CryptFamily over at CryptTV!

The short, inspired by the upcoming Michael Dougherty-helmed KRAMPUS flick, is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season:

ONE MINUTE HORROR: Krampus is Here
Halloween is over... but Krampus is coming.
Posted by Crypt TV on Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fucking awesome! And bloody to boot - Just the way I like it! But what did you think? Did the short capture the spirit of KRAMPUS, or did it leave you wanting more? Chime in below or tweet us using #CryptFamily to let your voice be heard!

KRAMPUS is written/directed by Michael Dougherty of TRICK R' TREAT fame. The film's comedian filled cast includes Toni Collette (THE SIXTH SENSE), Adam Scott (BLACK MASS), David Koechner (CHEAP THRILLS) and many more. Check it out in theaters December 4th, 2015!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN Meets Sherlock's Moriarty In Ominous New Clip!


BLOOD SPLATTERED CINEMA has received yet another clip from the upcoming Gothic Bromance VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN, courtesy of the #CryptFamily over at Crypt.TV!

This week's video introduces Andrew Scott, of SHERLOCK and SPECTRE fame, playing a detective with an ominious message:

Obviously this demonstrates that VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN, like most FRANKENSTEIN adaptations, deals with the themes of hubris and careless scientific pursuits. But whether it'll add anything new remains to be seen. I can't wait to find out regardless!

But what do you think? Does it look like more of the same, or is there something more to it? Let us know with a comment  below or tweet us using #VictorFrankenstein to let your voice be heard!

VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN hits theaters November 25, 2015, stars James McAvoy (X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST), Daniel Radcliffe (THE WOMAN IN BLACK), is written by Max Landis (CHRONICLE) and directed by Paul McGuigan (PUSH).

Friday, November 13, 2015

VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN Goes Gothic Bromance In New Promo!


BLOOD SPLATTERED CINEMA was able to score a bromance-tastic promo for the upcoming VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN, starring Daniel Radcliffe (HORNS) and James McAvoy (FILTH).

Check it out here:

Special thanks to @CryptTV and the #CryptFamily for scoring me this awesome clip.

I must admit though, I was a iffy about this flick after the trailers, but it's growing on me. The chemistry between McAvoy and Radcliffe seems strong, and I'm interested in seeing the depths at which their friendship descends.

But fuck my bullshit opinion, what do you think about this movie? Post your thoughts below, or chime in on twitter using #VictorFrankenstein!

VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN is directed by Paul McGuigan (LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN) , written by Max Landis (AMERICAN ULTRA) and hits theaters November 25, 2015.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Blood Splattered Cinema: Frankenhooker (Part 1)


This week The Horror Guru tackles Frank Henenlotter's most tittilating film to date: FRANKENHOOKER, starring former Penthouse Pet Patty Mullen. Part 1 of 2.

Frankenhooker was directed by Frank Henenlotter and stars Patty Mullen, Louise Lasser, James Lorinz, Shirley Stoler & Charlotte Kemp.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hemlock Grove and the Newborn shred!


This Friday, Oct 25, all will be revealed as the final season of HEMLOCK GROVE hits Netflix streaming in it's entirety! So if you haven't started watching yet, now would be an excellent time to start.

But for those not in the know, HEMLOCK GROVE is a supernatural themed drama about a Pennsylvanian town filled with werewolves, trolls and cults. It also happens to star Famke Janssen of X-MEN fame and Bill SkarsgÄrd from the DIVERGENT films, so it's go that going for it too.

Anyway we at BLOOD SPLATTERED CINEMA were lucky to score a heartbreaking clip from the upcoming season. Check it out:

Clearly shits hitting the fan. Or at least, the babies are hitting the wood chipper. Yikes!

But enough about we think, what do YOU think? Tweet us using the the hash tags #HemlockGrove & #TheFinalChapter, and let us know where you stand on the Grove's undoubtedly horrifying finale!