Saturday, May 9, 2015

Blood Splattered Cinema: My Bloody Valentine (1981)


This week The Horror Guru tackles the classic 1981 Canadian slasher MY BLOODY VALENTINE, also known as one of the greatest victims of MPAA Censorship.

MY BLOODY VALENTINE was directed by George Mihalka (Scandale), written by John Beaird (Happy Birthday to Me), produced by John Dunning (David Cronenberg's Rabid) & André Link (The House by the Lake) and stars Paul Kelman (Black Roses), Lori Hallier (Days of Our Lives), Neil Affleck (Scanners) & Keith Knight (Meatballs, Class of 1984). It was released in 1981 and made CAD 2,300,000 and $5,672,031 in the United States.

And with that, I'm out. Peace, my fellow Gorehounds!

The Horror Guru

 P.S. Beware of Harry Warden! ;)

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