Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Friday Night Fright Flicks: The Lords of Salem


This week Count Jackula and The Horror Guru review THE LORDS OF SALEM!

THE LORDS OF SALEM was written/directed by Rob Zombie and stars Sheri Moon Zombie, Meg Foster, Bruce DavisonKen Foree & Dee Wallace

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  1. I watched this and was all pumped for the movie. Sorry but this movie is so juvenile. I didnt get anything out of it. The story was weak, the runtime too short. I get the imagery, but it was so flat and one-dimensional. Nothing you guys mentioned came through for me. I didnt find it shokking or chilling and it doesnt haunt me. It all looks beautiful and the acting is good as well, but uhg so literal, so dull. There was not tension at all. A few dream sequences and a few loud-as-fuck- jumpscare noises. I would not in a million years call this an art-house movie. A few slow panning shots of a carefully decorated room does not equel Kubrick, and a giant Georges Méliès reference is not a loveletter to cinema! I get the nod to vintage (satanic) cult movies, but this was, to me, an average Rob Zombie film. It reminded me a lot of the "White room-White horse-White Sheri Moon" sequences in Zombie's Halloween II. Love Hurts, right? :)

    Glad you guys like it though!

    Oh, and the use of The Velvet Underground + Nico's "All Tomorrow's Parties" is a crime.