Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blood Splattered Cinema: The Top Ten Films of 2011


This week The Horror Guru lists his favorite films of 2011 and, more importantly, why they were his favorites. This list contains flicks from such masters of cinema as Takashi Miike, J.J. Abrahms, Kim Jee-Woon and more. Click play to find out more.


  1. Why wasn't Girl With The Dragon Tattoo included in your honourable mentions?

  2. Truth be told? I forgot to include it! =( That's what four straight nights of editing with very little sleep will do to ya, I suppose. X_x x_X

  3. After such a list, filled with great movies I hoped you wouldn't disappoint me by the lack of what I consider the greatest movie of the year. When I heard the first sounds of Tiny Tim playing Tiptoe Through The Tulips... I was extatic.

    The thorough research on the idea of lucid dreaming and out of body experiences folklore, the great makeup and costumes, the realistic acting, the music, the camera work... All that makes this movie great, but not as much as what in my honest opinion is the greatest, and very rare in modern cinema, feature of the movie. The real happy ending. Not the sugarcoat crap that Hollywood offers us with every "good always wins in the end" finish, but the more realistic surprising triumph of unscrupulous evil.

    To be honest, I was rooting for her ever since she was mentioned.

  4. diggin the Megadeth